Guest Frank Bauch of Edelman: internet and web newly lowercase

One of our favorite graduates of the Eagle Eye copyediting program shares news about the latest update in AP style.
Photo of red telephone receiver. WriteCulture Blog

Got phone skills? Editor says they make a difference

This Q&A with a news editor appeared in the Bulldog Reporter. Our pitching coach, Shelly, did the interview.
Wall Street Journal

Shelly's PR Pitching E-Book: 10 Reasons Journalists Ignore You

Get Shelly's e-book on 10 takeaways from her interviews with journalists. Find out here what 90 percent complained about.

Q&A with Lauren in Today's Bulldog Reporter

Many thanks to Shelly Gordon, who wrote this Q&A, and to Richard Carufel, who published it in today's Bulldog Reporter.
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Maya Angelou: "All Human Beings Try to be Beautiful"

Maya: "Teach tolerance. Examine other cultures without fear. Give every newborn a membership card to the UN."