Examples of correctly used hyphens

By Lauren Edwards These are correct uses of hyphens: Please…

For agency interns & AAs: your first speaker abstract

The trick is to filter out 98 percent of what you know about your client. Here are my six touchstones for staying on track as you write a winning proposal.

Avoid writing overly generic PR plans -- one size does not fit all

Here are my top two suggestions for keeping yourself from writing a PR plan that feels cut and pasted from the one you wrote last time and the time before that. Benefits also include better case studies down the road, when you've accomplished coverage goals that can be tied to business results.

Big business picture, not word choice -- keep your eye on the ball!

These four questions may help you stand down from excessive rewriting, over-editing or giving opinions beyond your area of expertise.

Peer-shared knowledge isn't 'training' -- you're missing out on stickiness (& superpowers!)

The best results come from bringing in the right person with the right content. But in my case, you get a little bit more. Some people use words like "intuitive" and "perceptive" to describe me and my ability to alter team dynamics, not just build skills. But I was thrilled yesterday when a friend and colleague came right out and called me an "empath."
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Translating science to lay audiences -- tips from Wired, TED Talks & Wright Brothers

Talking science to lay audiences is difficult because scientists themselves are trained for academic rigor, not public outreach. Examples from Wired magazine, TED talks and the Wright brothers offer tips on how to do this well.

Tips for writing quotations for press releases

There's a reason writing quotes is painful. Often, it's because you've taken the wrong approach. Here are ways to make your job easier while making a bigger impact on your audience.
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Discovered: huge bank of great examples of tech storytelling

After complaining that few companies make good on their aspiration to "tell stories," I was introduced to First Round Review, an online magazine by a VC firm that gives new life to the long-form narrative. I've called out the elements and structure that keep people reading.

Grammar for the FIFA World Cup -- France *is* or France *are*?

The rules about collective nouns aren't cut and dried. Here's why sports announcers on both sides of the Atlantic are getting it right, along with many examples of U.S. publications both following and breaking the rules.
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Is corporate storytelling an oxymoron?

Why so few agencies and companies actually tell stories, even though they claim to do so and wish they actually did. And suggestions for incorporating storytelling elements in your daily PR work, in a business-appropriate way.