Grammar for the FIFA World Cup -- France *is* or France *are*?

The rules about collective nouns aren't cut and dried. Here's why sports announcers on both sides of the Atlantic are getting it right, along with many examples of U.S. publications both following and breaking the rules.
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Is corporate storytelling an oxymoron?

Why so few agencies and companies actually tell stories, even though they claim to do so and wish they actually did. And suggestions for incorporating storytelling elements in your daily PR work, in a business-appropriate way.
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Efficient Solo Study Opportunity: Teach Yourself AP Style for Tech PR

Good news for the self-motivated! The most efficient way to become justifiably confident in your AP style is newly available in a new way. Why AP style? Knowing the industry standard makes it easy for people who work in teams across geographies to edit and write efficiently on deadline.

Lately asked & answered: AP style on ...

In recent classes on AP style, these questions came up. Also, here's what we wish the AP would change in the 2019 edition.

2018 AP Stylebook, tech companies that say no, sentence starts & survey tips

Along with a description of updates in the just-released 2018 AP Stylebook, here are a couple of anecdotes about tech companies that reject AP style rulings for reasons that -- to them -- are understandably personal.
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NYT & other top pubs 'bottom-feed' -- how to make that work for you

Knowing this phenomenon is standard among journalists, you can use so-called lower-tier or vertical publications to help you reach top-tier publications.
Photo of person's hand sketching on paper. WriteCulture Blog
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Avoid facepalm moments by asking these 6 questions in advance

The questions themselves aren't easy to answer, but once you wrap your mind around them, all of your work becomes easier and more effective. A better sense of the big picture changes everything.

Nice hybrid of storytelling plus marketing: Adobe's AI story

Here are seven takeaways that you can apply to your own work -- no matter whether it's a blog post, contributed article or even a press release.

Bulldog Reporter Q&A: Fix the thinking to fix the writing

We are fans of Richard Carufel, editor of the Bulldog Reporter. Here's a Q&A with Lauren from the Bulldog Reporter archives. Thanks again, Richard!