Lately asked & answered: AP style on ...

In recent classes on AP style, these questions came up. Also, here's what we wish the AP would change in the 2019 edition.

2018 AP Stylebook, tech companies that say no, sentence starts & survey tips

Along with a description of updates in the just-released 2018 AP Stylebook, here are a couple of anecdotes about tech companies that reject AP style rulings for reasons that -- to them -- are understandably personal.
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NYT & other top pubs 'bottom-feed' -- how to make that work for you

Knowing this phenomenon is standard among journalists, you can use so-called lower-tier or vertical publications to help you reach top-tier publications.
Photo of person's hand sketching on paper. WriteCulture Blog
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Avoid facepalm moments by asking these 6 questions in advance

The questions themselves aren't easy to answer, but once you wrap your mind around them, all of your work becomes easier and more effective. A better sense of the big picture changes everything.

Nice hybrid of storytelling plus marketing: Adobe's AI story

Here are seven takeaways that you can apply to your own work -- no matter whether it's a blog post, contributed article or even a press release.

Bulldog Reporter Q&A: Fix the thinking to fix the writing

We are fans of Richard Carufel, editor of the Bulldog Reporter. Here's a Q&A with Lauren from the Bulldog Reporter archives. Thanks again, Richard!
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Updates coming soon to 2018 AP stylebook: 3D, AR, homepage

Changes coming to the new edition of the AP Stylebook in June were announced last week at a copy editor's conference. In this post, we tell you about three related to technology PR and list other helpful posts on AP style.

Free Workplace Personality Testing for the Visual Age: Traitify

It's helpful to be reminded what your secret sauce is, so you can emphasize it in your work and personal life. Try this test, enjoy the experience and rediscover your own mojo

Reminder: Avoid those pesky delays, book now for summer

This is a good time of year to book your workshops for July and August. Summer sessions help combat Summer Slump Syndrome. Summer training is lemonade for the brain.