Fix your broken approval process

Too many cooks spoil the broth, as the saying goes, right? After too many iterations of news-release edits, what comes out in the end often looks like it's been through a trash compactor. Here are suggestions for fixing your broken approval process.

For Managers: Ways to Make Training Stick

It can take 66 days for a new effort to become automatic. Timely expressions of interest from managers can turn training into ROI that keeps on giving.

How to find the insight that makes your campaign plan a standout

Don't let yourself fall into a rut. Once you've become good at campaign-planning, you might find that your plans that all sound a little too much alike -- you know, "thought leadership," for example. Here are suggestions for finding that special twist that makes plans more effective.
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Tiny tip: Write a tiny sentence. Here's why and where to put it.

It takes a really smart person to boil down a complicated subject to its essence. And it takes confidence to write simply.  Here are examples from indisputably smart people to give you more confidence.

Interns and AAs, if you find yourself cutting and pasting, ...

When you're new, it's hard to strike the balance between accepting the examples around you and feeling free to think for yourself to make changes for the better. Here are ways to help you navigate.

Why SAEs secretly cry at home and then leave the PR industry

I'm sharing five tips from our session called "SAE Transition: How to Thrive After the Promotion That Almost Kills You." Why? I can't bear the thought of so much struggle and sadness. Please share this post widely.

Who made you and me what we are today?

A celebratory conversation with a former student -- who is cofounding an international agency with stellar Silicon Valley names -- left me with a lot of questions. It took me two weeks and a song to find this answer.
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When a reporter likes your pitch but declines to interview your client

It's one of those disconcerting moments that leaves you in an instant-replay loop. You relive your conversations and email exchanges, wishing you could retroactively alter the pitch that almost succeeded. Here's how to bring your pitch all the way home.

A journalistic structure that helps PR impress news editors

The nut graf is where you cram a bunch of contextual information near the top of the story. This section *isn't* background -- it's what establishes relevance to the audience, in a big-picture way. Here are examples and how-to instructions.
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PR teams and their awkward relationship with writing

Are great writers born or made? The debate has new meaning now that a higher level of writing falls within the responsibilities of a larger proportion of your team than it did in decades past. Here are four questions to help you get clear on whether you need a writing culture, not just writing skills.