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For you, I reverse-engineered this TechCrunch story for PR tips

This dissection of a journalist's work will help you do three things: prepare executives for media interviews, pitch media by phone and email, and write better press releases.

Three examples: 'Resource pitch' for news media

Reach out to a reporter who doesn't know you -- out of the blue -- without being annoying or easily ignored. Three examples of a type of pitch that's probably not used often enough.
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Have you installed Grammarly yet?

Nothing against Microsoft! I appreciate you, Microsoft! It's just that a lot of our clients now routinely collaborate on Google Docs, and -- well -- I miss that squiggly red line sometimes.

De-link self-esteem from press releases

You probably feel that your reputation and even your promotion rest on your ability to get a press release through the editing process unscathed. But it's not true. Step back and see the big picture.

How to develop your creativity

Inc. magazine caught my eye with an article called "Creative People Literally See the World Differently, Mind-Blowing Research Shows." But it's my contention that creativity can be learned. Here are a few suggestions.

Press releases: 5 questions that boost audience traction

Your messaging brief for your press release probably doesn't include quite enough information about the audience -- that is, prospective customers. Here's how to go get what you need without going off track.
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Usage error on the rise -- less/fewer, amount/number

We are hearing this mistake a lot more these days. People say "less" when they should say "fewer," and "amount" when they should say "number." Check out this post to hear a nifty trick for checking yourself.

If only PR teams were run like 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2'

It would be great if Mantis didn't have to fire a gun and Drax the Destroyer wasn't asked to be diplomatic, even if at the end of the day, they will have all helped to save the galaxy.

Writing a last paragraph the easy way

If you sometimes struggle to write the last paragraph of a long article, it might be because you need to first revise your first paragraph. Either way, here's our single best tip for writing a last paragraph, followed by a bit of trouble-shooting advice.

Research: Close an email with "thanks in advance"

What's the best way to close an email? Boomerang studied 350,000 email threads and found that the fifth most frequently used closing got the most responses. Boomerang's data scientist says, "Be genuine to yourself as a writer," but don't skimp on gratitude.