PBS Cosmos star loves short sentences, and so should you

See how astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson prepared for his first interview on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show." The PBS "Cosmos" host is adamantly opposed to "dumbing things down," as the saying goes. And yet he makes hard stuff relatable.

For source citations, rely on Chicago -- not AP

Informal as well as official advice here on how to cite sources within an article you write, whether it's online or in print. We've included an excellent link to details that *aren't* in the AP Stylebook.

For Startups: Make the Leap From Trade Press to Business Press

Young technology startups often struggle at first to get top-tier business press. These three elements will help send you to the big leagues.

To Win Top-Tier Awards, Write in Narrative Structure

Want to catch the judge's eye? There's more to it than writing well about about a worthy nominee. Here's a seven-step recipe for arranging your thoughts in a winning way.

What the NYT & Nobel Prize in Chemistry Can Teach PR Writers

Technology PR is like yesterday's New York Times story about the Nobel Prize winners. The content can be gnarly and poorly understood by audiences that matter most. How does the NYT make it work?

Guest Frank Bauch of Edelman: internet and web newly lowercase

One of our favorite graduates of the Eagle Eye copyediting program shares news about the latest update in AP style.

Q&A with Lauren in Today's Bulldog Reporter

Many thanks to Shelly Gordon, who wrote this Q&A, and to Richard Carufel, who published it in today's Bulldog Reporter.