How to make old news 'new' again -- great example from MobileIron

Readers can't take actions or make decisions in the past. So the immediate future always has more news value than the past. Here's a great example from Cynthia Ryan, who turned MobileIron's recap of previous accomplishments into a useful-to-readers story with a longer shelf life.

On 'heart' day, remember that you have one!

Romantic partners and chocolates aside, here's why we *aren't* being replaced by machines. These two tips -- for life and for work -- will keep your communications on the *right* track.
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Inspired by Éponine of Les Mis: Writing Mantras for When You're On Your Own

Below is a sampling of "mantras" from seven clients over the past two months. I picked the less-cryptic ones with the hope that some of these words will hit you like a lightbulb moment, like a sudden influx of illumination that helps you see differently, instantly.
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When pitching top-tier business press, think ecosystem, not profile

It's harder to write a pitch that gets top-tier business press. Here's why and what you can do about it, even for small startups with few customers and no name recognition.
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The beauty of 'because' -- the magic word that makes all work better

Here's a little trick for unlocking valuable context that improves motivation and quality.

No advice, just stars -- two Zen good/bad luck stories

In honor of a day of mixed feelings, here are two of my own Zen good/back luck stories, one involving NASA and the other, Tom Cruise. When disappointment grabs us by both ears and yells, "Pay attention!" there's usually a little silver to be found.
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How to read proactively to develop a business mindset for tech PR

This list of things to actively look for while reading major business publications will help your business mindset develop more quickly than if you continued to read with a more diffuse agenda or no agenda at all.

Is the best qualified person writing your contributed articles?

Your writer doesn't need to be an ex-journalist, but you might want to consider at least choosing a *full-time* writer to create your contributed articles -- probably twice as fast, by the way -- and have them be read and shared, not just published.

What's wrong with 'thought leadership' besides that everyone's doing a lot of it?

This is an unusually rich post -- with my take -- but also excerpts from 22 other sources on "thought leadership" PR campaigns. You'll hear my rant, plus a lot of good advice for your entire team from newbies to veterans.

What I actually do probably isn't what you think I do

What I teach in my workshops and one-on-one coaching usually has more to do with thinking than writing -- because good writing is good thinking made manifest. Bad grammar is almost never the actual problem.