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The *business model* & its effect on daily PR decisions

Naming the business model helps you pinpoint decision-makers, pivotal junctures and other specifics that improve outcomes.

Go rogue or cave in? When your client blocks success ...

You know what to do and how to do it. But your clients are getting in the way of their own success. What can you do to persuade, convince and encourage as well as make things less scary for reluctant professionals who know what *they* know but not what *you* know you can do to excellent effect.
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This just in: Updates in 2019 AP Stylebook -- STEM, data, hyphens, video games, cryptocurrency, infinitives and headlines

Only a few changes were announced in advance last April. Here's a more complete list from the just-released physical update.

"Why We Create" -- a video

This video is an entertaining bit of inspiration for those who want to develop their creativity.
Wall Street Journal
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WSJ mentor's tip: Dig for the "why"

Don't just rearrange marketing and product jargon into college-essay sentences with nice transitions. Instead, selectively ignore some of the provided information and delve into the "why."
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Marcom v. PR -- Handy list to help you avoid too much of one when you need the other

Sometimes people mistakenly treat PR like marketing communications. When they do, results suffer. Here's a chart showing differences in the goals, audiences and tactics of each.

Now it's % not percent in AP style -- 2019 update

Now it's finally % (not percent) -- and other changes coming in this summer's new edition of the AP Stylebook
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News from AP: Now searchable style archives, quirky fun for fans

Crazy but true, you can now search AP Stylebook archives going back to 1900. How to sign up and why it's amusing ...

5 ways to listen for 'the story' when execs share information

Despite your meticulous notes or the quality of your questionnaire, it's often hard to turn an interview with an executive into a narrative that will appeal to broad audiences. Here's what to listen for.

Apostrophe in St. Patrick's Day & AP Style for Holidays

Which holidays take apostrophes? Which words are lowercase? Here's a handy list of correct AP style for hard-to-remember details.