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Grateful reporter: 'Do this more!' What Andrew Erickson did that worked.

Andrew's follow-up turned around a reporter who had passed on his original pitch. See what Andrew did and how the reporter responded, effusively.
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News from AP: Now searchable style archives, quirky fun for fans

Crazy but true, you can now search AP Stylebook archives going back to 1900. How to sign up and why it's amusing ...

Best pitch approach for tiny startup -- 2/24/19 WSJ example

Last weekend's Wall Street Journal offers a great example of the best way to pitch your tiny startup to top-tier business press.
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Inspired by Éponine of Les Mis: Writing Mantras for When You're On Your Own

Below is a sampling of "mantras" from seven clients over the past two months. I picked the less-cryptic ones with the hope that some of these words will hit you like a lightbulb moment, like a sudden influx of illumination that helps you see differently, instantly.
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When pitching top-tier business press, think ecosystem, not profile

It's harder to write a pitch that gets top-tier business press. Here's why and what you can do about it, even for small startups with few customers and no name recognition.
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The beauty of 'because' -- the magic word that makes all work better

Here's a little trick for unlocking valuable context that improves motivation and quality.
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How to read proactively to develop a business mindset for tech PR

This list of things to actively look for while reading major business publications will help your business mindset develop more quickly than if you continued to read with a more diffuse agenda or no agenda at all.
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Most forgotten yet always essential when developing pitch ideas in a vacuum

Here's a question that journalists regularly ask themselves. If you do it, too, you'll be better able to come up with pitch angles that resonate. You've heard this before, but it remains one of the easiest facets of pitching to overlook.
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Personality profile? Here's your checklist for success

What makes a personality profile different from another kind of news feature? It helps to know what elements are essential, whether you're writing or pitching. Here's a list of seven elements to keep in mind, along with examples.

For agency interns & AAs: your first speaker abstract

The trick is to filter out 98 percent of what you know about your client. Here are my six touchstones for staying on track as you write a winning proposal.