Guest Frank Bauch of Edelman: internet and web newly lowercase

We are gratefully posting an internal email sent by Frank Bauch, a good friend of WriteCulture’s and writing guru at Edelman Silicon Valley. 

Frank is a graduate of Northwestern University with tremendous leadership and coaching skills. Shortly after his speedy graduation from WriteCulture’s Eagle Eye copyediting program, he became head of future Eagle Eye training at Edelman.

Edelman’s Frank Bauch was kind enough to share his internal email with us. He’s a graduate of WriteCulture’s Eagle Eye copyediting program (not to mention Northwestern University) and went on to head Edelman’s future Eagle Eye training.

From Frank Bauch:

Greetings, Bay Area Hub! You may not realize it yet, but today [April 2] is one of those days that future generations will look back as a turning point in modern history.

Today… is the day… (drumroll please)… that the internet became lowercase.

Yes, it happened. In perhaps the biggest AP Style change since email and website in 2010, the word “Internet” will now always be lowercase as “internet” while “Web” is also changing to lowercase “web.”

Those decisions came down this weekend at the American Copy Editors Society Conference, along with a handful of other changes including child prostitute (avoid it), mistress (don’t use it), Chicago L trains (not El), accident vs. crashcanonization and more.

These rules will be officially enforced when the new AP Stylebook hits shelves on June 1, but on behalf of the Eagle Eyes we would advise you to start making those changes in your writing starting today.

And mark the date on your calendar so you can remember it when your grandkids ask about it.



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