“Why We Create” — a video

By Lauren Edwards

This little video is an entertaining bit of inspiration for those who want to develop their creativity.

It’s not a how-to, but if you pay attention (no multi-tasking, right?!), you’ll notice these themes in action:

  • a recurring interruption of our expectations
  • overlays or abrupt pairing of two unlike ideas

The same is true for your PR work. When you want to add flair, look for ways to depart from expectation or to abruptly pair unlike ideas.

To keep from getting flowery or off track, make sure every idea supports your company/client’s business goals.

Personally, I think the first 15 minutes are the strongest. The entire clip is 24 minutes. It’s a little dated (or shall we call it “vintage”?), but stay with it. Even though it’s from the 1960s, the concepts are classics, always in style.

Click here to enjoy!


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Lauren Edwards is a former reporter for the Associated Press. She has been creating, customizing and delivering workshops for science and technology teams since 2000.

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