For Engineers: Persuasion with Integrity

Feel at ease

Academic rigor can leave you unprepared for sharing your message with less educated audiences.

There are ways to break out of the discomfort an engineer may feel when outsiders ask for superfluous details or speculation — without sacrificing authenticity and core values.

  • Project confidence

    Cut distractions that dilute your message

  • Create a connection

    Rearrange the order of information to build relationships

  • Sacrifice nothing

    Compromise, but with high standards intact

If you’re an introvert (and you might not be), you might be overthinking or avoiding certain interactions. But that can cost you and your team — in progress, resources and even promotions.

Even if you’re an extrovert, your way of presenting information may be reducing your audience or impact.

This workshop helps you reframe unwelcome requests, compromise with losing integrity and persuade outsiders to support your endeavors.

Some of the workshop examples are reverse-engineered from NPR interviews and PBS shows.

Topics range from projecting confidence while maintaining approachability to deciding what to say first and why.