Creating Compelling Content

4 hrs, best for four to six people at a time, firm maximum is seven people

Think like a journalist

Improve all writing — from ghostwritten bylines to executive emails. Participants bring samples of their own work to use as source material during the session. Principles applied in the workshop apply to future work, too.

Bonus: This workshop helps build a common culture among new teammates.

  • Short

    Distill the main point, dramatically reduce word count

  • Rich

    Structure for highest impact, think like a veteran pro writer

  • Relevant

    Glue readers’ eyes to the page, build long-term trust relationships

Who: All levels from AA to VP, but AE-AD/AM/SAS are most likely to see the biggest changes the most immediately.

Veteran writers learn a process that can rescue them on days when they are too tired, too overwhelmed or having an off day. They’ll become faster, more easily reduce word count on notoriously difficult-to-tighten documents (such as award submissions), and give much more effective feedback to their team.

Less experienced writers discover a kind of scaffolding that lets them perform as if they have five years of experience, even if they really only have two. This class will make them slower at first, not faster, as they get used to a new subroutine (like learning to ride a bike). But the investment pays off in higher quality work earlier in their career. Some people opt to take this workshop twice because work experience changes their perception of the workshop. They see more and can do more.

Although this workshop also improves press releases, participants should not include press releases in the samples of client work they use during the session.

This session works best if levels are mixed, with AAs and VPs alike. Beyond improved writing, colleagues also gain a new kind of shorthand for collaborating. VPs may be surprised to see precisely where junior staff struggle, and AAs benefit from the contributions of senior team members who have lived-it knowledge.

If the number of people in your agency or division is growing fast and at risk of losing cohesiveness as a result, this workshop will create common ground and and strengthen team interactions.

The two “Best Bet” foundational workshops are prerequisites for workshops on press releases and – although they aren’t about press releases per se – they will yield results that show up in every type of writing, including press releases.

Both of the “Best Bet” workshops are limited to seven or fewer people per session.